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A Flavorful Investment Opportunity

Owning a My Thai franchise isn't just investing in a restaurant; it's securing your stake in a thriving market of Thai cuisine, renowned for its bold flavors and healthful options. My Thai stands at the forefront of this culinary revolution, offering a unique blend of authentic dishes and a proven business model designed for success.

Why My Thai?

• Profitable Venture: Capitalize on the booming popularity of Thai food, supported by My Thai's established brand and loyal customer base.

• Community and Connection: Join a network of passionate franchisees and be part of a brand that values its local communities and cultural heritage.

• Growth Potential: Leverage our scalable business model, whether you're a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned investor looking for expansion opportunities.

Embark on a rewarding journey with My Thai. Discover how you can turn a passion for flavors into a prosperous business. Start today, and spice up your investment portfolio with My Thai!


​Reviews from Our Happy Patrons

"Ordered the pad thai & calamari for dinner tonight. Super delicious and overly generous servings!! Customer service was great. We drove in from Port Dover bc we were craving thai food and this really hit the spot. Will 100% be returning! Love this place."

"It was my first time coming here , the owner made sure I left happy. Everyone here is so welcoming

I ordered two drunken noodles and green curry and was given free spring rolls !!

So yummy 🤤"

Dana Salam

"Phenomenal experience at this restaurant. If you ever have the chance to go you should. I have only great things to say, great wait staff, and great food. I have traveled to Thailand to compare the food and believe it or not this is better."

Harshini Nandakumar

"It took a while to get our food (maybe take out is prioritized over dine in?) but that gave our group lots of time to talk. I love that the music isn't so loud that you can actually hear each other. The food was fantastic and the prices are reasonable for what you get."


Why Invest in a My Thai Franchise?

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Rising Demand for Ethnic Cuisine


High Profit Potential

Thai food's popularity has soared, thanks to its rich flavors and health-conscious options. As consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, crave diverse dining experiences, investing in a My Thai franchise meets this demand head-on.

Thai restaurants often benefit from lower food costs due to the efficient use of fresh, local ingredients. Coupled with My Thai's optimized operational model, franchisees can enjoy higher profit margins.


Expansive Market Reach


Supportive Franchise System

With a strong brand identity, My Thai attracts a wide range of customers. From families seeking a casual dining experience to foodies exploring authentic Thai cuisine, your franchise can become a community favorite.

My Thai offers extensive training, marketing, and operational support to ensure your success. This turnkey approach minimizes risks and sets you up for a prosperous business venture.

​Successful Expansions


Thai Tradition Thrives & Grows


Culinary Excellence & Expansion


Authentic Flavors, Robust Expansion


Local Charm, Thai Success Expands

Thai Cuisine: Loved by All Ages

My Thai is where everyone comes together, from young explorers to seasoned food lovers. Our Thai food's magic is its wide appeal – it's fresh, full of flavor, and has something for everyone. This makes My Thai a smart choice for your business. With tastes that attract both the young and the old, you're stepping into a market that's always growing. Start your journey with My Thai, and serve a cuisine that brings people of all ages to the table. Join us in celebrating the love for Thai food across generations.



42 Wilson St W
Hamilton, ON L9G 1N3





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